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iconrebel: the icons strike back

where your icons sock it to you, hard and fast

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icons that fight back
the rebels
Marie (proglution) and Andreah (locktie) - two sisters who have nothing better to do than make icons for the masses to enjoy.

At iconrebel, you'll find a vast amount of icons from various genres, series, movies and whatever. Marie and Sarah tend to be animanga whores, while Andreah leans towards the more realistic aspects of life. If you're looking for David Bowie icons, Dreah's your girl. Need a good dose of Pirate!love? Then check in with Marie. And for those in the know, the title of this journal is based upon a song by the above mentioned Mr. Bowie; much to both of their delight.

If you're looking for something specific, check the TAGS, since we try to be fairly organized. Feel free to friend and watch this community so you can keep up with updates!

rules & crediting
1. Feedback is always appreciated. It makes us all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
2. Credit, either iconrebel or whichever of us made the icon (proglution) or (locktie), in the comments or keywords
3. Please don't direct link to any of the icons, banners, whatever we provide. It makes us full of woe.
4. Do not redistribute or claim any of these as your own. :\ These come from the soul hardwork, so please don't steal and say you made them.
5. We will specify when there's a customizable base; textless icons are not bases.

Not that many! :D Those that follow the rules get pounds of candy much appreciation from the both of us!

suishou_icons ø iconomical ø papilio ø yuuwaku_icons ø cieloeterno

Affiliation with iconrebel is currently open! :D For more information, please see this post.

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